Today I had a chance to experiment with a Lunt LS152 solar telescope loaned to me by my friend Dennis. It will take better seeing than today to explore the advantages of a 6" hydrogen alpha telescope... but I did have a chance to make an interesting comparison. On the left is a single frame of video captured at the native focal length of the LS152 (it is unprocessed, but reduced in size). On the right is a single frame captured after adding my Coronado Solarmax 90 to the front of the LS152, reducing the aperture but narrowing the bandpass and increasing the contrast. Here are the single video frames shown at actual size.

May 26, 2013/ captured with Lunt LS152 solar telescope, courtesy Dennis Zywiczynski, Coronado Solarmax90 and PGR Grasshopper Express 6 megapixel camera

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